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The originality of this model lies in the fact that it shares strong ties with motorsports.

Produced in 1957, it was sold on November 21st of that same year to the Esso company, which donated the watch to the 1959 winners of the 28th Monte Carlo Rally, engraved with their names.

The Type XX chronograph will be displayed during London’s City Concours event on the 7th and 8th June as part of the Breguet exhibition.

PET SITTING DIARY was honored to receive the 2017 Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Services Award from the famous international business magazine publisher for the Excellence Pet Sitting Services provided in Hong Kong. This award does not only mean service reliability and quality but also shows that pet parents in Hong Kong their pet family’s quality of life.

The judge said that although Hillgreen was subject to insolvency proceedings, this should not affect the sentence and that the “fine would serve to mark society’s condemnation” of Hillgreen’s failure to protect vulnerable people in its care.

The Care Quality Commission brought the case against Hillgreen Care Limited for not providing the constant, one-to-one supervision required for the man, who was described in court as XX.

Apart from pet sitting service, we also provide dog training courses for both owners and dogs.

Dogs with behavioural problems could lead to undesirable outcomes such as disharmony family lives or even surrendering.

Breguet began developing its first wrist chronographs in 1935.

Twenty or so years later, it launched production of the Type XX as part of a commission from the French armed forces.

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Mr Paul Greaney QC, representing CQC said that: “XX is a predatory and opportunistic sex offender” and was a risk to both sexes.

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