Xiah junsu dating taeyeon

From the pictures and fancams below you can see that it was huge in scope! They’re having two more concerts on the 21st and 22nd. Kekeke~ How could he hold th Credits: sharingyoochun & *** Lol… I know a pair of twins that can’t spend a waking moment without each other.

Thanks to Janx Jae, Lady Tee, and the others who sent in the tips. And even if they do fight sometimes, they talk about everything under the sun. Twins have these connections with each other that most people don’t understand…. A popular United States Social Networking Service (SNS) FACEBOOK has added music to its features. Famous composers to sell their music or to sell songs from popular singers is our concept in this new business model” and “Eric Clapton is also composing a song (t/n: not sure what this meant really…) for Xiah Junsu of Dong Bang Shin Ki” he said.

Ella interpretó el papel principal de The Midnight Sun (2010), que es una adaptación de la novela japonesa de del mismo nombre.

hehehehe Of course there is the RING incident, both Kangin & Taeyeon are in the MBC show “We got married” sadly paired with different people…(TT_______TT) I feel bad for Taeyeon, at least Kangin’s partner seems pretty and relatively nice, unlike Hyundon who seems like a pig and really is quite mean (the way he treated Saori). Well, they are an IDEAL couple but who knows what happens behind closed doors of these Kpop stars.

Article: SM "Taeyeon-Baekhyun, close friends with recently developed interests in each other" confirms dating Source: OSEN via Naver1.

Okay, the rumour is that they apparently were wearing couple ring!!

Ok, not to be a spoiler or anything (I support them….ish) but REALLY, there are a million copies of the same ring in Korea, literally (due to mass production in South east asian countries) .

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