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Repeatedly click the tree and select "View" until a door appears.

Enter the Tree Adventure mode, and select the options in the following order: "Follow The Sound", "Follow Downstream", "Enter The Mist". This area contains the following collectibles: Basil, Bluebell, Cherry Tree, Fish, Frog, Lily, Mineral, Mushroom, Pear Tree, Snapdragon, and Strawberry.

Since the codes unlock perks used in retail stores, actively use the Sim(s) that own the corresponding store.

Secret Forgotten Grotto lot in Oasis Springs To enter the hidden Forgotten Grotto lot in Oasis Springs, visit the Desert Bloom park lot in the Oasis Springs neighborhood.

For example, enter "stats.set_skill_level Adult Major_Logic 6" to set your Logic skill to Level 6. Note: Some listed skills require the "Get To Work" DLC.

To change friendships, use the "modifyrelationship [your Sim's full name] [target Sim's full name] [50 or -50] Friendship_Main" code To change romance, use the "modifyrelationship [your Sim's full name] [target Sim's full name] [50 or -50] Romance_Main" code To set a relationship, use the "relationship.add_bit [your Sim's ID number] [target Sim's ID number] [relationship Bit name]" code.

Note 1: This code allows additional cheat codes to be used and unlocks various testing options, as described below.

Upgrade the spaceship at the science facility where you work to have a Wormhole Generator.

Note: Some of these codes first require the "testingcheats true" code to be enabled.

Additionally, enabling cheats prevents achievements from becoming unlocked.

Incorrect code use may result in an unplayable game.

Thus, create a new saved game to prevent corrupting your main game.

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Cheat Codes While playing the game, press LB LT RB RT to display the console window.

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