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U.^'^ BIBLIOGRAPHY ESKIMO LANGUAGE JAMES CONSTANTINE PILLING washi:n^gtoit GOVERNMENT PRINTINa OFFICE; 1887 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION BUREAU OF ETHNOLOGY: J. POWELL, DIRECTOR BIBLIOGRAPHY ESKIMO LANa UAGE JAMES CONSTANTINE PILLING- WASHINGTON G0VERN3IENT PRINTING OFFICE 1887 PREFACE, A number of years ago the writer undertook the compilation of a bibliography of ^orth American languages, and in the course of his work visited the principal public and private libraries of the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico; carried on an extensive corre- spondence with librarians, missionaries, and generally with persons interested in the subject, and examined such jirinted authorities as were at hand. The results of these researches were embodied in a volume of which a limited number of copies were printed and distrib- uted — an author's catalogue which included all the material at that time in his possession.^ Since its issue he has had an opportunity to visit the national libraries of England and France, as well as a number of private ones in both these countries, and a sufi Bcient amount of new material has been collected to lead to the belief that a fairly complete catalogue of the works relating to each of the more important lin- guistic stocks of North America may be prepared. 1322, it sold for 25 francs; and at the Murphy sale. Iso special eftbrt has been made to collect such material, and that relating to them which does appear was gathered in- cidentally. [Acts of the Apostles, translated into the Language of the Esijuiiuaux Indians on the Coast of Labrador, by the Mission aries ot the United Brethren. No opportunity has been lost to take titles at first hand, and there will be found herein a larger percentage of books and manuscripts described de visu, it is thought, than is usual in works of this kind. No title-page or caption; the page begins : a o i o u, and ends: tau mau lau 18C1. My copy, bought of the Unitats-Buchband- lung, Gnadau, Saxony, cost 20 pf. Schediasma liocce etymologico-pliilologicuni prodroniiitn Americano-Gruulandlouni iu patronis appropriatum iusinuat I. "\Yithin this area a number of dialects are spoken, the l)rincipal of which will be found entered herein in their alphabetic order.

The prices quoted are from such sources as were at command, and are arranged chronologically. John Murdoch, librarian of the Smith- sonian Institution, who has kindly translated the Eskimo titles for me. Ajokaersoutit oppersartuit Giuliinik pek- kossii'iiigdlo, taiiiii'ssii Luterij katckis- musingviutta ok'aiise. * Literal translation : Teachings by God, such are Luther's his Catechism, its words. Ajokaersutit | illnartut Giitliiuik | Pok- kor.sejiiiglo luuiiuguut ; | Ko'isiniarsudlo Koisituk.sa'dlo | Iliiiia'Naleii- gniasgeksejdlo, Pidliiarsiuuauugovkud- lugit. Literal translation .- Instructions | holy by God i and according to his will, to men ; | that the baptized and candidates for baptism | scholars and all-sorts-of-people | may now bo tlessed. The questions and answers are numbered in Part 1, 1-393 ; in Part II, 1-222.

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