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According to family history, James Henry descended from Smyres who lived in Lincolnton, Lincoln County, NC.According to Ianne Smyer’s book “John Smyer, Plain Deutsch Pioneer”, John Smyre Jr., oldest son of Johannes and Utilla, lived on the eastern bank of South Fork of Catawba River which is near Lincolnton.Virtually all of this comes from Ianne Smyre’s meticulously researched book.He was what’s called a Palatine, an early 18th century emigrant from the Middle Rhine region of the Holy Roman Empire.According to genealogist Robert Carpenter, German Palatines emigrated to present-day Catawba, Lincoln and nearby counties in three waves— (1) before the French and Indian War (2) after the Creek War but before the Revolutionary War, and (3) after the Revolutionary War.

In my mind it’s a path to true reconciliation as a country.According to family history his father was a man we only knew as “Master Smyre” and his mother was an enslaved woman.He left the plantation post-emancipation over an inheritance dispute.His DNA results in fact, revealed he was 7% Ashkenazi Jew.He was shocked to learn he was ancestrally both German and Jewish.

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The topics surrounding our shared ancestry can be difficult to discuss.

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  1. “It’s like you’re on your second date in terms of info, but your first date in terms of physical chemistry, which can make things awkward.” “I started texting with this guy I met on Tinder, and he told me a couple days before our first date that he lost his job,” recalls Anna Davies, 31, a freelance writer from Park Slope.