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He told “Extra’s” AJ Calloway, "I don’t even want to get involved in that — I got too many jobs.

After you spend time with someone you can catch feelings, and it’s really infatuation, it’s not so deep. We would definitely collab with the right artist, it would have to make sense, and make songs for soundtracks, stuff like that.

Once they realized we weren’t 15 and 16 years old, and that we were 20 and 22 they got over that part, and I think we were good. Right now it’s just a big concentration on drugs, a lot of drugs. I mean we’ve always had songs about drugs but it wasn’t the majority. I think they have a problem that they don’t understand what the artists are talking about. The way we dressed, not afraid to wear jogging pants and tie up our tops to show our abs or something like that. I have on some poppin’ earrings right now.’ With that, on display for the world to see, definitely impacts you as an individual and how you move forward in other aspects of your life.

We always had good content when it came to our songs and we felt very strongly about the fact that any song was put there in a way that made sense and people could relate to it. So, but I think that when I hear older people talk about the music today, I think the problem is nobody knows what they’re talking about and it all sounds the same. Femininity was still there, we felt good about that and we fought for that. It made me stronger because we had to deal with a lot of negativity. We were able to get to the top while still being our true selves.

You initially see that first, and I get it, but there are some who just live in that.

You can see those people pretty early on and you just gotta cut people off and keep it moving. Chilli: We stated when we released our album last June that it was going to be our last album.

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