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A woman named Elizabeth Ray, who lives on the same street where the Note was located, went down to the club one night to complain about the noise.She claims Margera was not only dismissive of her complaints, but hostile — he admitted that he called Ray things like "idiot" and "crazy b****." Ray, a 59-year-old African-American woman, also says that during the encounter, Margera called her the n-word.Members included Margera, his girlfriend at the time, his brother, and (briefly) c Ky guitarist Chad Ginsburg, who quit the band after just a few months. He had a hard time watching Bam's already hard-drinking lifestyle grow progressively worse following the 2011 car crash that killed Bam's best friend and collective.A low-budget, independently produced and released relationship comedy, it's loosely based on a real-life relationship Dunn had that ended due to serial cheating.

Unfortunately for Bam, the Icelandic rap group Glacier Mafia was nearby and noticed the scuffle; the rappers intervened and gave Margera such a beatdown that he was knocked out. Bam had partied hard for years, and his mother felt it grew problematic after the death of Ryan Dunn.

After the incident in Iceland, April Margera realized something had to be done and she contacted the producers of In late 2017, it looked like Bam Margera had earned a measure of hard-fought stability and gotten his life truly on track.

But shortly after Margera and his wife announced the arrival of their son Phoenix Wolf in December 2017, he received a (literally) sobering reminder that the battle against addiction is a lifelong fight — and one that can quickly take a potentially life-altering turn. 8, 2018, it was reported that Margera had been arrested for driving under the influence after police — who were ironically in the area for an unrelated reason — noticed him using his cellphone behind the wheel.

Due in part to Margera's reputation, the bar had to agree to many concessions just to open — the Note wasn't allowed to do what other bars in the area could do, such as offer take-out beer or even happy hour specials.

They were also forced to hire extra security personnel.

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