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“He walked me through a self-exam,” she says, describing how she flexed her toes as the doctor watched remotely.

He then assured her that the pain was normal and made several recommendations, including: avoid excessive walking, take ibuprofen, and watch for any signs of infection.

“If patients start describing something that can’t be handled this way, the online doctor will advise them to see a doctor in person.” Skootsky emphasizes that online health care services are not meant to replace all doctor visits.The Association of American Medical Colleges has warned that barring a dramatic change, there will be a shortage of more than 130,600 doctors by 2025. Patients sign up and pick an available doctor, who diagnoses their problem and prescribes treatment, if necessary.But not all states allow virtual doctors to write prescriptions. Kolowich, for example, paid for each of her two visits with an online nutritionist.“Many of the major payers are now the ones providing the support for the expansion of such services.” But Medicare does not cover video visits unless they’re conducted at a doctor’s office, a hospital, or a rural health clinic, which limits their convenience.Medicaid, on the other hand, does reimburse for some telemedicine services, including virtual visits, in 46 states.

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That includes colds, coughs, rashes, diarrhea, allergies, and other problems.

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