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If Lovoto does decide to return, she will only be in some episodes… They start dating in Falling For The Falls and kiss in Sonny With A Kiss. It's about them trying to have their first kiss and use the name Channy lots.

In the end, they decide Channy have no spark- but Sonny and Chad do.

Chad does have a crush on Sonny, the pair share their first kiss in the episode "Sonny with a Kiss" and they go to start dating in the episode "Falling for the Falls".

The nickname for the pair of lovebirds is "Channy". Sonny asks chad what will happen between Mackenzie and Chloe on Mackenzie Falls.

She soon learns that her fellow co-star, Tawny Hart secretly hates her and slowly tries her best to disgust her as time goes on.sunny has 15 chapters between stars that are of the first season but has also appendices of chapters so it has 21 chapters in total There are 21 episodes, but season 2 starts in January/February (Disney does not have an set date for episode 1 season 2 "falling for the falls").I wish they could start season 2 in December (now) because i want to know what happens with sonny and chad. season 2 Him and Stella were gonna start officially dating in the first episode but things go wrong but on the last few days they do begin dating : D Technically there is no set episode where it is revealed they are dating, but episodes that best hint they are in some sort of relationship are This Little Piggy, The Once and Future Thing, and Kids Stuff.She finds her own true love, Chad Dylan Cooper, whom is actually the main star of So Random's biggest teen show rival, Mackenzie Falls.As she first has a crush on him and later on becomes his girlfriend, Sonny's fellow co-stars do not accept what she has been doing.

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