Visio hangs updating directory cache

There is no longer a problem with opening Rational DOORS using a URL if it takes a long time to check out a license from the license server (for example, if the license server is in a remote location).Previously, when a single-value enumerated attribute that had been added to the Change Proposal System was changed to multi-value, a DXL error was displayed when a user tried to review the change proposal. Previously, when you imported a Microsoft Word document with a large table of contents and page headers that included page numbers and chapter numbers, you received a Visual Basic error. When mapping in a link module is one-to-one, and the target module is not specified in the link module, the link is not created.

This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS (formerly IBM Rational DOORS) and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS - Web Access (DWA) (formerly IBM Rational DOORS Web Access) .

If the Object Properties dialog box is too small to allow all the tabs to be displayed, a left and right arrow are displayed to allow you to select the tabs. The scroll bar is now in the correct position, allowing you to edit the final lines of text.

Previously, when two words in an object were identical, and you searched for that word, if you changed one of the words and clicked Find Next, the word was changed back to its original value. Previously, when you tried to export a module to Microsoft Word in table format, and the module had either the Object Number or Object Level attribute in the view as a column, a DXL error was displayed. Previously, there were issues if the naming attribute of a user contained a comma (the naming attribute is used in the distinguished Name (dn) attribute) that caused problems with users and groups. If a user was deleted from the system, and the user was a member of a group, the reference to the user stayed inside the group.

Migration - Importing Rational DOORS generated Req IF into Rational DOORS Next Generation, creates all artifacts of Rational DOORS modules at the top level folder of Rational DOORS Next Generation project.

When you create linkset in a link module and the source module is open for editing, a warning message is displayed.

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