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However, whichever copy you look for, finding Led Zep II in great condition is harder work than listening to Depeche Mode’s third album. Which just goes to show how gullible people were in the seventies…With all of these albums, you can buy cheaper copies by targeting the eighties reissues on green Atlantic labels.In 1989, Infopesa even survived a terrorist bombing which badly damaged several presses and the recording studio.

However, for classical records there are separate vats which are cleaned out every ten days!

Buying the later (Physical Graffiti onwards) albums on vinyl might not be so essential, because the original copies are still common and less expensive.

The quality of the original vinyl is also very good: As Led Zep’s manager Peter Grant revealed in a 1989 interview in Raw magazine: “We first got the idea for Swan Song after Atlantic f- up the pressings for Led Zeppelin II.

They actually ran off 100,000 copies which jumped all over the place because they didn’t follow Jimmy’s precise instructions on the master tape.

So we just decided that it was time for us to take control of our own situation and ensure that Led Zeppelin were presented in the best possible manner. I would go down to the pressing plant myself and make sure that everything ran smoothly. For instance, the records are dipped during the manufacturing process into vats of acid right?

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