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Story Some aspects of the setup I liked, like the school divided into day class human students and night class vampire students.I would have loved the human heroine who patrols the grounds and night, making sure the vampires are in line, except... Episode after episode was her chasing after Zero, stupidly getting herself into danger, being saved by a male lead, and then feeling guilty. The characters didn't grow, events didn't build up into a climax, and the resolution was contrived and lukewarn.ICICLES Dating Card Game Introducing ICICLES, the first ever card game for dating! ICICLES uses tiny cards on a keyring that fit in a purse or pocket. Cross Academy is an elite boarding school with two separate, isolated classes: the Day Class and the Night Class.As the adopted daughter of the academy's chairman, Yuuki takes her job with a serious and energetic attitude.It also allows her to interact with her secret crush and savior, the president of the Night students' dorm, Kaname Kuran.It was very much one of those animes annoyingly full of longing, melodramatic gazes and characters saying each others' names in quiet, tortured voices. Yuki was cute, Zero was handsome, and Kaname was gorgeous.

Can vampires and humans co-exist, even in the strict setup of the Cross Academy? [Written by MAL Rewrite]Vampire Knight was released by Manga Entertainment in the UK and by Madman Entertainment in Australia.

We have the pretty bishonen boys in place, complete with all the fallen-head-over-heels girls, and there's also the standard shojo eyes; large, with pupils that are almost larger than the actual eyes.

But since the series has a darker, sadder tone to it, there's no lack on that end either.

Character The characters are what I disliked the most, especially Yuki. She carried around a cool-looking staff that seemed to have magical properties, but never once used it well.

Usually, she'd just bring it out only to drop it when someone said something upsetting or when she tripped. Maybe the next season will explain why she is in the middle of all of this, but I think season 1 should give the heroine SOME value.

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