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We need to add the following 3 attributes in the root tag attribute is used to specify the schema instance namespace.

The standard value for this attribute is This namespace will be used to define the schema location further The most important part is that the URL should be hosted and working and both the URL should be correct.

As we all know XSD (XML Schema definition) is used for validating XML.

Configuration files written with XML are validated against the rules specified in XSD.

But from an XML schema / DTD validation standpoint it cannot be valid.

And I assume that the schema / DTD definition for My question is (since I did not find any option for it): how can I prevent Eclipse / JBoss Tools from validating XML files / that particular XML file?

Schema Aware Code Completion in Netbeans Intellij Referencing XML Schemas and DTDs The XSD needs to be hosted on public url to be downloaded by the editor that supports autocompletion. case, the hosted XSD is invalid xml, the autocompletion will not work.

In addition, XMLSpy is the only XML editor that includes support for generating charts and graphs based on XML data.I tried changing the project into a faceted project and only select the Java facet but to no avail.Agile Development Practices suggest developers keep a solutions log. Looks like this: While the first might make sense (even though I still would not want Eclipse complaining about it) the others clearly indicate that Eclipse reports false positives.The second line fully reads: That value is clearly valid since Wildfly (using 8.2.1 for this test) will replace those placeholders with a port that may get an offset applied to it.

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