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After leading him upstairs, Emily returned to the den to join me, sitting on my lap as I looked over some business reports.

Nonchalantly, I grazed my hand across her leg, rubbing her thigh and continuing my reading.

I spread her legs further, and thrust my head in between them. I continued to tongue-fuck my Emily, alternating between her wet hole and her flushed clit.So, I hired a local painter to take care of the job.The guy had been recommended to me by a friend, and after doing a quick appraisal, he told me he could take care of the room in one day.Her moans seemed to suggest she was favoring the latter, so with a sudden lurch, I opened wide and took her clit in my mouth. Realizing I was getting her a bit too worked up, I shifted the focus of my oral activities to her upper thighs, allowing her to cool down for a minute. My Emily, who had scolded me minutes before for getting a little intimate, was now begging for me to fuck her, with the painter right upstairs.Meanwhile, I returned my hand to her pussy, rubbing the whole area gently with my palm. Obviously, I didn’t care what had caused the change of heart, though I assumed that I had myself to thank.

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I willingly unzipped my pants and whipped out my cock, already fully erect. “I heard a woman shriek, and I thought Emily may have fallen or gotten hurt.

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