Updating vmware esx

v Sphere environments that use distributed switches are versioned to correspond with v Sphere releases.

Older versions of the switch may be used safely on newer v Sphere editions, but upgrading is required to benefit from enhanced capabilities or performance improvements.

Recommended Resources: This may be done in a rolling manner, with individual hosts in a cluster successively updated after virtual machines are migrated using v Sphere v Motion to the other operational hosts.

A rolling approach allows you to upgrade v Sphere hosts while avoiding virtual machine downtime.

Licenses will be upgraded to the new version according to these rules: The system deactivates your current license for you.

The new licenses are delivered in the same folder as the original license key.

Upgrades will be available on the portal shortly after VMware v Sphere 6.7 becomes generally available.

Consult the product documentation for v Realize Log Insight to see how to deploy this product and refer to Knowledge Base article 2147289 for the exact sequence for upgrading this solution.

Some key new capabilities of v Sphere 6.7 Update 1 include: v Sphere 5.5 End of General Support Reminder If you are running v Sphere 5.5, please be advised that End of General Support (EOGS) for v Sphere 5.5 occurred on September 19, 2018. The upgrade of your environment to VMware v Sphere 6.7 is performed in a phased manner.

The components that are upgraded in earlier phases are fully compatible with components whose upgrades have not yet occurred.

v Sphere 6.7 provides an efficient and secure platform for your hybrid cloud through: v Sphere 6.7 builds on the technological innovation delivered by v Sphere 6.5, and elevates the customer experience to an entirely new level.

It provides exceptional management simplicity, operational efficiency, and faster time to market, all at scale.

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