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Problem I am running into is the reverse DNS zone (which I created a new one) is not populating.Am I missing a something that would be stopping this from populating? When I get a change to dig around on my servers today, I will give you an update.However, my Sonicwall is my DHCP and all my machines get their IP's from this device.

Add the DHCP server (or domain service account used for DHCP server service) into the "Dns Update Proxy" group to let the DHCP server act on behalf of the client.

The funny thing is if I set up the client in the TCP/IP advanced properties to "REGISTER this connection's addresses in DNS" The forward zone then gets updated!

So therefore it seems the problem must be with the DHCP server?

Windows 2008 Sonicwall 2040- DHCP server Scavaging is turned on Multi-site VPN using sonicwalls All sonicwalls use the DNS server as main Any help on this would be appreciated! Check the checkbox that states "Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" 7.

Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? There should be a reverse lookup zone for each subnets that your DHCP Server are being issuing, otherwise it won't write the entries. Open an administrative command prompt by right clicking on cmd and run as administrator 8.

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A DNS server has been installed but not yet configured at the beginning of this article and we’ll create the forward and reverse lookup zones using the built-in wizard.

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