Updating ps2 rosters

After every official Madden roster update, we see the same questions pop up.

Why has there been so few create a player slots available on the default roster then there has been in past years? While (insert player name) may have had a good game in one area, he may have struggled in another area that weighs heavily on the overall player rating.Why did individual ratings go down, but the overall player rating stayed the same?It is currently about 80 - 90% complete and works on franchise mode. 6_2014To update the rosters to week 6 - 2014- Copy only the SAVEDATA folder to your PSP/ folder on your PSP.- Start the game and load the new roster file.To edit the roster on your PC and import back onto your PSPYou will need;- To install the savegamedeemer plugin for PSP into your seplugins folder (included)- A Hex editing program (I used Winhex).- A madden 08 PC roster editing program.

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