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Simply add /place/with/the/file to the $PATH variable with the following command: You should now be able to execute the script anywhere on your system by just typing in its name, without having to include the full path as you type it. The variable $PATH is set by your shell every time it launches, but you can set it so that it always includes your new path with every new shell you open.

But what happens if you restart your computer or create a new terminal instance? The exact way to do this depends on which shell you're running. If you're using pretty much any common Linux distribution, and haven't changed the defaults, chances are you're running Bash.

Sometimes, you may wish to install programs into other locations on your computer, but be able to execute them easily without specifying their exact location.

You can do this easily by adding a directory to your $PATH.

There are a few different places where you could conceivably set the variable name: potentially in a file called ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc, or ~/.profile.

How does it know to look in the directories mentioned above?

It's simple: They are a part of an environment variable, called $PATH, which your shell checks in order to know where to look.

Enter your superuser password and get file opened in a new gedit window. Add new line at the end of file with export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/foo 5.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux, introduced in the Anniversary Update, became a stable feature in the Fall Creators Update.

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Instead, Windows 10 offers a full Windows Subsystem intended for Linux for running Linux software.

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