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But Amazon sells a lifetime for $ 66.00 it will probably also mean a SD card will be required. (Currently with my 250 they are dead on except that they don't anticipate traffic or delays at traffic signals.

So accurate that I'm sure the speed limit data is in there, just not displayed on a 250.) My severely limited experience of a couple of times with an OSM shows that it seems quite updated, although I am comparing that with a 2009 Garmin map for my area, and accurate enough.

The Oregon didn't come with City Navigator and I only occasionally use it for car navigation, so it is not worth it to buy City Navigator.

I am willing to live with the shortcomings of the OSM address lookup.

the Garmin map and the text to speech did not work at that turn--I learned by experience that the text to speech of the Garmin map is critical for me. With limited funds I would rather spend the cash on food.

And there are lot of advantages to being able to install alternate maps, such as the alternate topo map that I have.

Not that I'm going to buy a new map for my nuvi from Garmin at the price they want, it just would not be worth it.

I will be interested to hear your comments after you have used the OSM for a while.

Would love to hear from another 250 user or even a 2xx user.

No too concerned about not getting the street number right, I've had the Garmin 250 pick the wrong end of a street too.

Downloaded it yesterday, but still can't get the 250 to see it.

Started another thread to grovel for help, "Questions about Open Street Map and nuvi 250".

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I used Garmin's update tool, and I'm now being told that I'm running Firmware 7.60 (which is a much larger jump than I expected).

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