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I reinstalled the i Pod and i Tunes, but when I attempted to transfer the contents of the i Pod back to my music folder, the i Pod appeared empty. In the future, I suggest burning CDs or DVD’s of your music frequently. Please help.” ~ Doug I bet you have Auto Sync enabled.it shows up as empty when accessing it in disk mode too. ” ~sp00nage When you erased your computer, you erased all the music that was on your hard drive too. If so, because you had no music on your computer, your i Pod synced to nothing and basically just erased itself. Many people have learned this lesson the hard way.“I had to do a destructive recovery on my PC after it caught a virus. I still had the songs on my i Pod, followed your advice on how to restore my library from the i Pod and successfully pulled all my songs onto the library. When you synced your i Pod to your computer, i Tunes made your i Pod mirror what music you had on your computer (which was nothing).Every time you plug your i Pod into your computer, i Tunes will just automatically add as much music as your i Pod can hold based on your sync settings. Your i Pod will only copy music off a computer, not add music to a computer.

By the way, I tried Apple’s support and discussion pages, but man they really suck! You may have some success in recovering your lost music files with Unerase.For some reason, I think those 100 songs where a Smart Playlist the listed my last 100 songs played. Have you ever dug through the contents on the i Pod?There is a folder call i Pod_Control that has some interesting stuff in it.” ~ todd“Sometimes when I connect the i Pod to my computer it crashes the computer. But don’t use the de-fragging or disk utilities that are part of Norton’s application suite.Due to numerous problems and lawsuits brought on by unhappy customers, Norton is discontinuing all their utility programs and concentrating on just doing virus protection.“I connected my i Pod to an i Mac down here (we do have an internet cafe with a G4 i Mac in Bolivia) and was able to get into my music via the Terminal. To make a long story short, I found all but 100 of my tunes (where the others are is a good question), and now I can nuke the i Pod and get my music back.

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