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Because you are on the page dedicated to this specific video, image, or post this URL will lead your Twitter followers directly to the content you want to share.

In this case, the URL for the video I am sharing is https:// Joe Insurance/videos/1422969431075632/ 5) Finally, head over to Twitter and create your post.

They can set the privacy of a post to be as granular as only showing to themselves, to as expansive as showing it to the whole world.

Between those binary options, there are a TON of different levels.

In my case, I shortened it with Hootsuite’s shortener.6) Click the Tweet button and the Facebook post will be shared with your Twitter followers.

This means that the post is visible to everyone.4) If the privacy settings are okay, just select the URL in the browser and copy it.

Sharing a Facebook status update or post to Twitter can be relatively easy, but be sure you’re checking those privacy settings to see if it’s worth sharing.

Quite a few people have emailed me or reached out to me via comments/social about other frustrating issues with Facebook.

Just paste the URL into the tweet if you want to allow Twitter to shorten it.

If you want to shorten the link yourself, you can always use a tool like

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