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Start your mac OS Mojave virtual machine again, and you are good to go. You can create a mac OS Mojave virtual machine using VMware that works exactly the same as Virtual Box.

And, just as with Virtual Box, VMware also requires patching before the mac OS Mojave virtual machine will work.

Plus, you need to tell VMware where to find the mac OS VMDK.

From the main VMware screen, select your mac OS Mojave virtual machine, then right-click, and select Settings.

What better way to do that than from the safe confines of your existing operating system and a virtual machine? That doesn’t mean AMD users are completely out of luck though.

This way, you can run mac OS on Windows, which is perfect when you want to use Mac-only apps on Windows. You can still install mac OS High Sierra in a virtual machine.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to any AMD hardware so cannot provide a tutorial. If you have an i7 CPU with power to spare (or an i9 with multiple extra cores), consider assigning more. To get it up and running, you have to essentially patch Virtual Box before the mac OS virtual machine will function. The commands will not execute properly if Virtual Box or any of its associated processes are running.

From here, you can set your mac OS Mojave virtual machine up as you see fit.The script will open a Command Prompt window, and the patch-script will run. The script whizzes by and you need to keep watch for any “File not Found” messages. If you don’t see the mac OS options, it is because the patch didn’t install correctly.The most common reason for a “file not found” or a “system cannot find the file specified” message is installing VMware Workstation Player in a different location to the default folder, and executing the patch from a different directory. Next, you need to choose a name for your mac OS Mojave virtual machine.In the “mac OS Virtual Image” file list above is the “VMware Player Patch Tool.” Before commencing any further, download the patch tool.Then, browse to the location you downloaded the patch tool to. This process works best when the folders are on the same drive (e.g., the VMware root folder and extracted archive are both found on the C:\ drive). Now, in the patcher folder, right-click the win-install command script and select Run as Administrator. Now, select Apple Mac OS X, and change the Version to mac OS 10.14.

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