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Simmons: We went down to Pensacola (Fla.) for the leadership trip; we took a group of 11 guys, 11 guys that our coaches considered leaders on our team, down to Pensacola and we spent a weekend with the CEO of MGM Studios, Kaylee Hartung, who was a reporter with ESPN, and there was a receiver that came out of LSU around 2012.We spent the weekend down there with them, and through their trials and tribulations they taught us what they learned and how we can better our team and become better leaders for our team.

I don’t know why, I wish I could sing and I wish I could dance.Frierson: Do you ever go back and watch that game just to feel the excitement of the moment or is that something you may do more in a decade or so?Simmons: I believe down the road that’s something I’ll do.Simmons is also, despite just 14 career receptions, Georgia’s top returning wideout.The 6-foot, 201-pounder from Powder Springs, Ga., is the leader of a young, tall — there are a lot of guys 6-2 or taller — and talented wide receiver group, and Simmons is fully embracing his leadership role.

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