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(COMMERCIAL BREAK) BEHAR: CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was attacked by mobs in Egypt and helped rescuers after the earthquake in Haiti. There`s going to be a full toxicology report next month. And they feel that she was alone in bed for six hours before security guards checked on her. COOPER: You know what, the toxicology report did show that there`s no -- there were no illegal drugs in her system, so it leaves a question, prescription drugs and alcohol. COOPER: Yeah, except I guess more of a violent response and, you know, she would swallow her tongue and bite down on her tongue. BEHAR: How old were you when your brother committed suicide? BEHAR: I think that would be hard for anybody, in that situation. Well, maybe she didn`t -- they didn`t find it then but she has it now, because she had another seizure. Something had to make her do that." To which my retort was I haven`t seen the medicals, she`s telling me they did them and didn`t find anything. But don`t you have to put on the list her moral compass just went way askew and she made some really bad choices. Nobody was interested in telling your story, your perspective on these things. And he knows that from his work in law enforcement. BEHAR: So he believed that there had been a dead body in that trunk. MCGRAW: When they opened the trunk, there was garbage in there and trash in there. Let`s just kind of empathically try to walk in their shoes. How they learned George was going to be a focus of the defense and what they were asked to say and do concerning that, all of those things we talk about through this.

Well, she`s asleep, well, she`s out playing, she`s -- always an excuse. MCGRAW: And it`s like, I don`t know, her phone is disconnected because -- and the thing that people have to understand, and this was -- I think, had a great impact on -- on Cindy and George to talk about this, that each time we talked about something happening, I said, you now have to look back at that and understand that when she was telling you that lie, that baby was already buried in the woods -- (CROSSTALK) BEHAR: Yes. And she let this go on for three years of anguish, searches, people looking, on and on. Lisa Masterson did not return to the sixth season of the show The Doctors. The show was taking away from her own patients and she believed that concentrating solely on her private practice was… her maiden name is masterson Her maiden name is Milner. Lisa did not return to the show so she could work on… Masterson, she left the television show in order to pursue her own medical practice. As saw in that horrible video her in Belgrade stumbling on the stage what was to be her big comeback concert this summer, that wasn`t happening. You know, I mean I think - I think it remains to be seen what happened and I think we`ll know in a month. BEHAR: It`s interesting that Anderson Cooper is a "Housewives" fan. And yet, she is a survivor but she has none of the toughness that that term implies. ANDERSON COOPER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: For three years? (END VIDEO CLIP) BEHAR: I`m happy to welcome to my show for the first time actually Anderson Cooper. The end is in sight, she stopped doing drugs and she`s talking about - and seriously talking about getting off alcohol. But I watched the whole first season as a viewer, watching the second season, you know, it was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, and now it`s sort of, I don`t know, knowing what we know now, I don`t know, I look at it differently. BEHAR: Now, let`s talk about you having your mom on your show. My dad died when I was ten -- after 12 years of marriage and my brother committed suicide in front of her.

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MCGRAW: There`s been a leak about that that came out in advance of the interview. MCGRAW: I think she is desperate to reconcile within herself how her daughter could do these things or this thing because she`s saying, "My daughter couldn`t do that. I said, isn`t it possible that this is just a really bad character flaw, that this is the actions of an unconscionable psychopath or sociopath. The thought was maybe it was just garbage or something like that.

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