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He said: “You are more likely now to be mugged online than in the street.” And Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham rapped new PM Theresa May, the former Home Secretary.He said: “She was fond of saying crime is falling but, as people can see, crime has moved.” A recent Portsmouth University report estimated that fraud costs the economy an annual £193billion.

THE true scale of cyber-crime and fraud was revealed yesterday as almost six million offences.The shock statistics mean at least one in ten of the population falls victim every year and the crime is double previously reported levels.Last night City of London Police, who run the national Action Fraud reporting centre, warned every neighbourhood and community was being hit.Relationships take time, energy, and care to keep healthy.A healthy relationship should bring more happiness than stress into your life, and should make you feel secure and relaxed.

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“All someone had to do was photo-shop someone else’s utility bill and put in my details.

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