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Taylor Jardine, (aka Tay Jardine) was born on March 7, 1990 and is the lead singer of the pop punk band We Are the In Crowd, also featuring Jordan Eckes, Cameron Hurley, Mike Ferri, and Rob Chianelli.

Tay grew up in Liberty, New York, and started singing when she was fourteen years old.

Amanda and I were in our room blasting We Are The In Crowd when we saw they were on t.v. The Announcer said "Now What Everyone's Been Waiting For. Amanda got a call on the phone from the lead singer Tay Jardine saying that a cab will pick up at Am tomorrow morning and will take us to the airport. Once i heard the name Jordan Eckes i almost had a panic attack. After i got off stage he said i did an awesome job and i shouldn't change.

The Winners Of The WATIC contest and gets to join we are the in crowd are... So we packed all our stuff and of course we had to pack out WATIC shirts. We stepped in and sat down to our suspense we are the in crowd was sitting right there. So we arrived at the house and it was the most biggest thing i've ever seen. When i opened the 1st drawer It played carry me home then i tested out all the drawers and they played a different sing each time. So when i was walking to the van these girls yelled "ANA CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH AND CAN I GET A PICTURE WITH YOU!

We Are the In Crowd continues to gain popularity, and with each album Tay continues to surpass her fans’ expectations.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Girlxgirl fanfic so if you're not okay then bye!!!

We Are the In Crowd has released an EP in 2010, and two albums in 20.

Once the cab dropped us off at the airport it was the beginning of our new lifes. I was struggling to pick it up so Jordan came and helped me. he smiled back and said "By the way i never got to know your name so what is it". So when we all were in the house Jordan showed me my room and cameron showed amanda her room. It was so pretty with purple walls that said WATIC with pictures of them all over the walls. Jordan asked me what was the matter and what was bugging me. "Thanks for letting my dream come true :)." I Said. After i was done unpacking i went downstairs with amanda and they told us that we were gonna be recording a song from we are the in crowd. They took us down to the studio so we could start recording. Once i was done with the song Jordan tuned to me and said " You were amazing" and hugged me so i hugged him back and gave him a smile. "well get changed i'm taking you out tonight." He said. " " Yeah if you wanna call it that." Then he smiled back at me with this little cute smile that i loved. Once we got there he asked me where i wanted to go. Quinn- I've got something for you,can I come by? So, Liz has to take me to school." Aww,he so sad maybe I should take him to the park later. One of my favorite songs, “Dreaming Out Loud,” seems to me to be about someone who is afraid to go out into the real world and live, and is instead stuck inside their own head all the time.You can really hear the passion in Tay’s voice as she sings, and any interpretation you could have of the song’s meaning could be entirely different, which I love about it.

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