Strange dating customs

If you come back to your house just after you left - look at the mirror, it's for your own good.If you're sitting at the corner of the table, you won't be married for 7 years.If a fork falls, a woman is going to come, if a knife falls, a man will certainly appear.• Most of us know a few words in English, but we are too shy to speak - no practice, you see...Still, in all that mess we find a unique sense of aesthetics, which is unified by our stregth, heritage and belief in the supernatural powers of Cosmos.• If you invited a girl or a woman somewhere be prepared to pay for her everywhere.If you invited a man, he’ll pay for himself, and there's a good chance he'll pay for you as well without telling you about it. We were grown up in the world, where everybody is equal and where the friendship of nations is an important part of our agenda.• Men should be strong and assertive and women should be smart and beautiful. If you notice one of us staring occasionally at a black person, it's just because we are curious -- there's not many black people in Russia...The only word of warning is about older people, who are sometimes too much patriotic, so be careful: don't offend their feelings. Despite what some people think, Russians are not drunkards, they just have a special resistance to alchohol, that's why they can drink so much.

If you decide to become a Russian, you can use the list below as guidelines. It’s an honor for our drivers to move on the red light or to bother other drivers and scorn pedestrians. It's either utopia or bare knuckles, raw materials or highly sophisticated systems.

Many people have a positive attitude towards healthy lifestyle and have a daily morning exercise routine or run in the park.

• We believe that if you are a vegeterian, chances are you are one of those Hare Krishna guys or you have problems with digestion.

Russians learn English at school, and many people can understand the basics, but are shy to speak to a stranger. You will often see men in suits or tucked-in shirts and office trousers (even in clubs on Friday night), while women prefer noticeable and sexy outfits.

We estimate about every one out of five Moscovitans can speak English well enough, and there's a higher chance among younger people. The colors for men are usually dark or grey, while women like light and white colors.

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Petersburg and specialized websites have thousands and thousands of profiles featuring gorgeous queer men and women.

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