Single dad and dating

– In the UK, the law state that the father registered in the birth certificate has a duty of care to “take control” of the financial requirements of the child.

In the case of single fathers who have custody of the child, they may request child support payments from the mother.

Can we reach a time where the burden of financial care isn’t aimed solely at men per se?

Many are dated, stereotypical and do not represent the best and equal interests of child and both parents.

More discussion, coverage & news would no doubt help in that.

First of all, in a world filled with hope & optimism for equal opportunities & progression, there are still many equally imbalanced viewpoints that are ignored and swept under the carpet.

This is even more the case when the topic of discussion doesn’t move with the status quo being promoted at any given time.

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Even still, for those single dads out there reading this and feeling like they are struggling…That should be okay as well.

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