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Many flew in from Sydney, Malaysia, the United States and Hong Kong.

The venue was divided into 3 zones: the Centro Boyz zone where the Miss Divastating drag competition was held, the Womyn's zone where no men were allowed for most of the evening, and the Chill Out area where guests could mingle and booths were set up to sell food, drinks, toys and to distribute flyers.

Realising the untapped potential and pent-up demand for LGBT pride events, more and more mainstream discos advertised Sundays as "men's night" to draw the gay crowd.

Venues such as Marmota, Niche, Legend and Studebaker's made a healthy profit from their calculated gamble.

Previous gay celebrations, exemplified by the Nation parties held annually in Singapore since 2001, were private commercial events held for LGBT recreation, but were also socio-political statements of significance in Singapore gay history and milestones in Singapore's human rights record.

By and by, from the mid-1980s onwards, the increasing numbers of gay men flocking to these discos on Sunday nights drove the straight clientele away and the managements were subsequently more inclined to tolerate homosexuals engaging in slow dancing and in tight embrace, as well.

Soon, other gay businessmen set up discos like Taboo and Why Not in Tanjong Pagar, which were exclusively gay on every night of the week.

Breaking out of the claustrophobic confines of indoor venues, Max Lim organised Singapore's first open-air private gay events advertised via leaflets and word-of-mouth at spacious venues such as the East Coast Lagoon and Big Splash.

Koe even managed to secure corporate sponsorship for the historic event.

In a move to emphasise the LGBT community's loyalty to the Republic of Singapore, the party was held on 8 August 2001, one day before National Day and was named "Nation". Over 1500 attendees celebrated both the eve of National Day, as well as their sense of community.

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2 related art exhibitions were also held during this period, “Red White = Pink” by Utterly Art and an exhibition by Art Seasons.

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