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up, or decides life is too short to be made miserable by another person.The same path applies to all the third phase choices, which is a decision to bury the relationship and move on.4) As I thought more about the question from the forum, and the details of the woman’s marriage – I thought could her husband be gay?Funny, no one in that forum has even mentioned the possibility.

Even if you want it to work and pretend nothing has happened, it will surface again and again.

Her husband told her he isn't attracted to her anymore, and that he still thinks about sex, just not with her. But what if you've got all the “Bs” = beauty, brain, butt, boobs, and gets along great with your mate, yet he / she still have no desire to have sex with you?

gone as far as to get her husband some pills from their doctor, twice.

A sexless relationship is demeaning to the woman, it makes her feel like she is begging for attention.

It is belittling her self-esteem, and mentally depressing.

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