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If a married man’s social circle is made up of strip club hopping and hookup app recommendations then the odds are quite high that this is the lifestyle that dude will pursue.For men who simply have no community of male confidants, that independent voice might manifest that support system in the form of a new partner.Okay, let’s cross over to the other side of the sexes psyche, shall we?The stereotype here is that women are in search of a steamy emotional connection that the hubby can’t provide.Men have other needs despite what society tells us and it’s downright rude to generalize the male mind as ‘wife nag=have affair.’ Sometimes the man could be secretly gay and is finally ready to connect to other gay males online.Women can take their husbands for granted just as much as the opposite holds true, double standards be damned. Humans are tribal, and a bunch of dudes encouraging each other’s behavior is a powerful thing.

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It’s been written in books, sung in songs and expressed in film, so is cheating part of human nature?

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