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“They voted to change the Constitution to discriminate against us and our family, and we’re about as average and boring as I can think of.” But Paige, who began to notice that other kids had a mom and a dad after moving from San Francisco to Marin in third grade, said that many people are intrigued by the fact that she has two moms.

“Usually when I tell people, they’re just really surprised,” Paige said.

Kathy is called “Mommy,” while Cindy is called “Momma.” Cindy said that she does not want to let herself get too excited about the possible legalization of gay marriage.Anyone interested in becoming a Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County homeowner is welcome to call 565-8312 for more information about our programs.We will be accepting applications from January 24th through February 21, 2019.’ and we figured out a bunch of things,” Paige said.“We all took off our shoes and put our feet out and everyone had super long toes, everyone had the same nose, so we kind of had an idea of what the sperm donor looked like.” Paige said that she and her siblings have different perspectives when it comes to meeting their donor. I think it’s weird to feel like I’m related to him but I don’t know him,” Paige said.

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“The plan originally was for my mom to have my sister Lindsey, and then my other mom to have me,” Paige said.

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