Sarah lancaster dating gregory smith

Nicholas Capps 08/20/2019 Trial court erred in suppressing appellees statements to the officer as involuntary where the record shows there was no police coercion that produced appellees statements 0504193 Eugene Jeffrey Mc Neil v.City of Roanoke Department of Social Services 08/20/2019 Trial court did not err in terminating appellants rights to his child and approving the foster care goal of adoption 0255192 Carolyn Rumbaugh v.Tracie Ondich De Luca 06/25/2019 As the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to consider this appeal, its May 19, 2015 decision is void ab initio; the opinion is withdrawn, mandate vacated, and appeal dismissed 1625184 Nadia Gihar Bahta v.Mohammed Seid Mohammed 06/25/2019 Trial court erred in determining that Code 16.1-278.19 precludes an award of attorneys fees when a party is represented by a non-profit legal organization that does not charge for its services 1655181 Evan Sonberg v.Commonwealth of Virginia 07/09/2019 Appellants conviction affirmed as evidence was sufficient as a matter of law to prove that he possessed a firearm capable of expelling a projectile by means of an explosion 1946183 Nanochemonics Holdings, LLC & Clarendon National Insurance Company v.John Mc Kinney 07/09/2019 No error in Commissions finding that claimants right knee injury was a compensable consequence of his earlier left knee injury 0801181 Benjamin Forrest Carter v.Shawn Peddicord 08/13/2019 Trial court did not err in vacating its order reinstating the matter, in denying appellants motions, and in holding that its order dismissing the show cause against appellee was in full force and effect 1771174 Dilshad Sabri Dosky v.

Stafford County Department of Social Services 06/04/2019 Summary affirmance trial court did not err in finding termination of appellants parental rights was in childs best interest and in terminating appellants parental rights pursuant to Code 16.1 283(E)(i) and in approving the foster care goal of relative placement 1317183 Amanda Lee Smith v. 06/04/2019 No error in Commissions award of permanent partial disability benefits to appellant based on a 7% impairment rating to her right lower extremity 1996184 Thomasina Light, a/k/a Eva Light v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 07/16/2019 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress where the officer had reasonable suspicion to stop the vehicle driven by appellant after seeing a child standing up in the back seat of the vehicle 1001184 Devonty Tyrone Hall v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 07/16/2019 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress his statements where appellant was not in custody for Miranda purposes; any error by trial court in limiting appellants cross examination of victim harmless 0508181 Robert King Via, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 07/09/2019 Appellants argument that the trial court erred in precluding him from calling two defense witnesses at trial barred by Rule 5A:18 0723183 Douglas Dashawn Wimbush v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 07/02/2019 Appellants argument regarding admissibility of preliminary hearing transcript did not meet the requirements of Rule 5A:12(c)(1)(ii); argument regarding sufficiency of the evidence waived for failure to comply with Rule 5A:20(e) 1347183 Jessica Crystal Buck v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 07/02/2019 Trial court did not err in finding that venue had been properly established 1782184 Clare Morton Lehman, n/k/a Clare Morton v. 07/02/2019 Trial court erred in not awarding appellant the entire amount of attorneys fees and costs she requested in litigation concerning enforcement of marital settlement and custody agreements 1950184 Michael Paul Jones v. Jones 07/02/2019 No error in trial courts interpretation of parties property settlement agreement to provide that appellee was to receive one-half of the monthly disability-retirement benefits received by appellant 1961183 Norma Jean Barker v.

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City of Virginia Beach Department of Human Services 06/25/2019 Trial court did not err in terminating appellants parental rights to his child after finding that relative placement was not in the best interests of the child 1980181 Michelle Hobson, s/k/a Michelle Sonberg-Hobson v.

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