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Failure to record details necessary to substantiate the treatment he provided “Perseus” between January 4-16, 2012 and failure to include details necessary to substantiate or document the examination, diagnosis, and treatment provided and surgical procedure performed.

Failure to record the names, dosages, concentrations, and routes of administration of each drug prescribed, administered, and/or dispensed to “Rosco,” a miniature schnauzer between August 8-13, 2012.

**** You will NOT find board orders that resulted in an informal reprimand and/or administrative penalties - on the TBVME website, although copies of these board orders are available from the board upon request. Administered and/or dispensed Ritalin, a Schedule II drug, for training purposes and when not necessary or required for care of the animals; Failed to maintain records to substantiate the use of Ritalin.

Failure to perform an occult test led to the possible misdiagnosis of heartworms.

Second vet performed an occult snap test which confirmed that the dog was indeed infected with heartworms.

Failed to notify owner by certified mail giving owner 10 days to respond that his dogs had been placed in new homes after owner failed to retrieve them after boarding. Failure to obtain consent for anesthesia by failing to inform the client that teeth cleaning on 7-year-old Dachshund required anesthesia and failure to explain to client the risks of anesthesia.

During the procedure while she was under anesthesia, dog stopped breathing and her heart stopped.

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Respondent worked for Furry Friends Animal Hospital in Harlingen, a practice owned by a non-veterinarian, for an annual salary of $85,000.

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