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In photos over the last few months, Sammi always seem to have puppy eyes for Andy.I do think that she wants to be back together with Andy and may have even initiated.Jayne: Although Sammi and Andy did not openly acknowledge that they were dating, their behavior seems self-evident.Andy had a bad public break-up with his last girlfriend, Michelle, and was accused of being a player. In that statement, she conveyed that although she thought about reuniting with Andy, they were had spent many years apart and have evolved as different people with different experiences.Although 43-year-old Andy Hui Chi On and 38-year-old Sammi Cheng Sau Man have denied rumors that they were dating on recent occasions, a reporter spotted the pair on a dinner date at 4 PM yesterday.

By using the Jayne Stars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.Having success in over 20 years in entertainment industry, Sammi has been regarded as one of the most notable Hong Kong artists known in Asia Pacific.Sammi Cheng breaks the record of having the most best sales albums and The Best Sales Local Female Vocalist awards in the Hong Kong Cantonpop industry since her debut.Spotting the reporter, Andy pointed his finger at Sammi and said, “The reporter is here for you!” Since their date was discovered, Andy’s face blushed.

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