Ryan reynolds and amy smart dating

Chris is destined to get to know his old friend and possibly win her affection in return, but just for the sport and not really for the love of it all.

He has been gone for 10 years and now has the ego of someone who is the biggest Player in the women game.

We fast forward into the present, where has lost all of his weight and is now the ultimate hunk who can get any girl he wants, has the great career in the music production field and makes lots of money.

After suffering the horror of his true confession of his love for her, not being returned, he is destined to change his appearance and become the opposite of who he is.

The music and themes would be ones most people in that age group could relate to.

There are also two brief scenes, played for comedy, of a girl kissing a girl and a guy kissing a guy. Being that the characters in the story are about 28, I would guess that is the general target audience.

There is a lot of talk about getting laid, although in a manner to look demeaning and wrong.

So as for this film, I’d prefer to just stay friends, and not go any further.

Although this movie is pretty predictable, it serves up the perfect date flick.

His competition, Dusty is played by non other than Chris Cline from the American Pie series and well he turns out to be quite the interesting guy.

But if you are out for a good date movie with your wife and you don’t mind some raunch, then this movie is the perfect flick.

The movie also has its fair share of bad language, so I would not recommend this for kids at all.

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