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Much ink has been spilled about Ortiz, so let’s just stick with the statistics here.

He was projected to be worth 2.6 WAR this season, and has been at -0.5 thus far, tied for last on the team.

Projected for 3.4 WAR prior to the season, Sandoval has instead been worth -0.3 WAR, and even if he hits his rest of season projection of 1.7 WAR – which seems unlikely – he’ll finish the year at 1.4 WAR.

If you’re scoring at home, that’s less than half of his initial projection, and not at all what the team needed or wanted from him.

In their place, the Blake Swihart-Sandy Leon duo has been a hair below replacement level, and things aren’t expected to improve much, as Swihart is projected to finish the year with less than 1 WAR.

Pablo Sandoval was supposed to fill the hole the team has had at the hot corner since Kevin Youkilis’s last good season in 2011.

Ben Cherington’s wife Wendi Nix is a sports reporter for ESPN.

Here’s the tally so far from last summer’s trade – Lackey: 1.7 WAR, Allen Craig and Joe Kelly: -0.8 WAR.

Now, that’s a little misleading, since the breakdown is Craig at -1.4 WAR and Kelly at 0.6.

Sources tell the Herald that the couple will marry Saturday in Key West, FL.

This is the…Pedro Martinez met his wife Carolina while she was a sophomore at Boston College, and Pedro was busy starting a string of three of the most dominant pitching seasons ever recorded. When they first met, Carolina was a volleyball playing college student majoring in Journalism.

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