Quickly validating sql server configuration settings

If a client is disconnected from My SQL, then all the information about such transactions is lost. This error signals an unrecoverable catastrophic event to the transaction manager, but the transaction is left in the state on the JBoss EAP side and holding locks in the database which requires manual intervention. If a connection failure happens when the one-phase commit optimization is used, the JDBC driver returns error code should be returned.This could lead to data inconsistency if the database commits data during one-phase commit and the connection goes down at that moment, then the client is informed that transaction was rolled back.

XA recovery is the process of ensuring that all resources affected by a transaction are updated or rolled back, even if any of the resources or transaction participants crash or become unavailable. Each XA resource needs to have a recovery module associated with its configuration.Application code can then be written against the driver, rather than the database.The driver converts the code to the database language.For detailed and up-to-date information, see your database vendor’s documentation.WARN [com.jta.logging.logger I18N] [com.recovery.xarecovery1] Local XARecovery Recovery got XA exception javax. XAER_RMERR parameter enables or disables Adaptive Server transaction coordination services.

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This means that if the correct driver is installed, an application can be used with any supported database.

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