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The lengths that families in Central America will go through to seek a better life for their children can leave them vulnerable to human trafficking.Find out how criminal smuggling groups exploit children and their families attempting to reach the United States.

Learn why states choose to cooperate with others and how their policy choices impact the level of security they receive from a relationship.

Be careful about giving out information concerning yourself and where you live. Stand near the buttons and get off immediately if you are suspicious of other occupants.

PERSONAL SAFETY IN RESIDENCE HALLS Lock your door when you are at home, lock your door when you are away, please lock your door always! Instead, go to a safe place and call the Security Department (251-510-4273) During book buy-back time, your books are like cash. You can engrave items of value: computers, printers, dvd players, stereos, cameras, TV’s etc.

Siemens’ Desigo Mass Notification Solution is a centralized emergency communication and management platform that integrates building systems to send the right message to the right people, wherever they are.

Chief William Evans, former Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, will talk about dealing with inner-city violence as well as dealing with major challenges as The Boston Marathon bombings, Occupy Boston and numerous protests.

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TIPS TO HELP YOU TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN SAFETY Be alert and walk purposefully. Travel, walk or park in well-lit areas and with a companion whenever possible. Ask anyone that gives you a ride to wait until you have safely entered your building. Don’t allow rationality to override your “gut feeling” – it could protect you from danger.

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