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Hakuoki's replayability in particular is facilitated by a number of excellent systems: the Y button is assigned purely to skipping text you have read before to go straight to decisions, the 'History' section shows already scrolled text, and you can select to rewind to a particular section - say, before a decision.

As Amanda advised me, replaying to 'get' different men each time is essential, because in Otome games each guy is a 'capturable character': it's a sort of samurai-dude Pokmon situation. And as if to reinforce this, Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi has an 'Extras' section where you can unlock different short stories told from the different characters' point of view, and a picture gallery of your hot samurai men is also available after you have unlocked parts of their narrative in-game. He had no calibrations to speak of, and he just stuck his tongue down my throat and it was GREAT.

There's a large 'Encyclopedia' where you can look up terms liberally used in the text, such as 'daimyo' (ruler of a fiefdom).

This initially seems at odds with a game that markets itself as a dating sim.

Most western romance narratives tend to be very overt when people are interested in each other - they will joke around with each other, go out of their way to touch each other, make excuses to see each other.

Men in western films will make drastic gestures of love, give extravagant gifts, suddenly kiss the object of their desire, or will see a woman across a crowded room and immediately go to charm her.

Each samurai has a particular job to do and different affiliations, while the art depicts Bakamatsu Japan in the friezes of cloistered tatami, sliding doors and daintily kept rock gardens that it deserves.

There are six endings, depending on whom you become closest to.

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You play a wilful young woman in the late Tokugawa shogunate period.

This premise sounds like it might alienate those who are interested in romancing only women, but I'm not convinced of this at all.

The Hakuoki series has become, at least from cursory research, a particular favourite with PSP and 3DS owners who confess no predilection to dating men in real life.

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There's none of this overt sexuality on display in Hakuoki; instead it is left to the player to try to understand where the object of their affection will be debating important issues of the day and involve themselves in their lives that way.

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