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The “Net” agree is 47% but this is actually meaningless.

Only 7% of respondants marked “Agree Completely” and another 7% marked “Agree a lot” that leaves the vast majority of this supposed 47% that haven’t given up hope of finding a job.

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Dear Researcher, I fear that I am becoming too dependent on my partner. What may be an issue is the extent to which your partner depends on you.Therefore, bear in mind how you can meet your personal needs independent of your partner. (1999), mutual levels of commitment and dependence on one’s partner can promote a well-off relationship.However, don’t be alarmed if your partner is not as dependent on you.This same study, after recording goal progress, goal importance, and other constructs at two points in the study, revealed a contrast between those who relied on their partner for goal pursuit and those who didn’t (Gomillion et al., 2015).Those who did not rely on their partner as much for goal advancement were more likely to advance in their goal post-breakup compared to those who were dependent on their partner.

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