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This tension between authenticity and impression management is inherent in many aspects of self-disclosure.

Due to the asynchronous nature of CMC, and the fact that CMC emphasizes verbal and linguistic cues over less controllable nonverbal communication cues, online self-presentation is more malleable and subject to self-censorship than face-to-face self-presentation (Walther, 1996).

Research suggests that when individuals expect to meet a potential dating partner for the first time, they will alter their self-presentational behavior in accordance with the values desired by the prospective date (Rowatt, Cunningham, & Druen, 1998).

Even when interacting with strangers, individuals tend to engage in self-enhancement (Schlenker & Pontari, 2000).

Capacities are those aspects of technology that enhance our ability to connect with one another, enact change, and so forth; constraints are those aspects of technology that hinder our ability to achieve these goals.

An important aspect of technology use, which is mentioned but not explicitly highlighted in Howard’s framework, is the notion of , which describes the specific strategies employed by individuals to exploit the capacities and minimize the constraints associated with their use of ICTs.

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Although the notion of circumvention is certainly not new to CMC researchers, this article seeks to highlight the importance of circumvention practices when studying the social aspects of technology use.

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