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Suppose you have multiple Exchange data center locations and users are distributed across the locations, you can create the Shadow Copies of the OABs so that network traffic can be avoided.The OAB files are generated and stored in the designated Arbitration mailbox, so the destination for OAB download requests is the Mailbox server that holds the active copy of the organization mailbox.Client requests for the OAB are proxied by the Client Access (frontend) services on a Mailbox server to this backend location. Clients are by default downloads OAB every 24 Hours once.

I want to see how it looks when: 1) Mode 1 – The Offline Address Book uses the Download Full Items download mode.

so the clients will start downloading complete OAB data.

if your organization is big and OAB is more than 100 MB, It will consume more network and Exchange Server Utilization due to which it always recommended to keep the only one mailbox across Organization.

OAB generation is being controlled by the mailbox assistant named OABGenerator Assistant that runs under the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants service.

OAB generation happens in a designated arbitration mailbox that has the Organization Capability OABGen value for the Persisted Capability property.

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a)Download OAB and check b)Change GAL and test downloading OAB instantly c)Update OAB and check 2) Mode 0 – The Offline Address Book does not download automatically.

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