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Like selling a house, we overstate the positives, understate the negatives and completely ignore the structural damage and defects.The potential buyer will eventually discover all the faults - the shifting foundations, the dodgy wiring and the cracks in the walls - so what's the point in declaring them from the outset?Ciara O'Connor 'Your devotion to this project is something so beautiful beyond believe.

We tend to think of 'height-fishing' and 'fat-fishing' as the most cunning forms of dating deception, but the truth is that we all know how it is to portray a fantasy version of ourselves online.

After all, in an era of fake news and internet mob rule, it takes a brave company to pull a prank on their unsuspecting customers.

The trouble with jokes is that they can backfire spectacularly, especially when they're disruptive, distasteful or - as the marketing team at Tinder recently discovered - even slightly plausible.

However, I can finally wear a singlet with my head held high.

My attempts at romance as an overweight man looked something like this.

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