Online dating email opening lines

Maybe try something like dogs vs cats, or the correct way to hang a toilet roll.It’ll break the ice, and you can pretend it’s a deal breaker if they answer ‘cat’.

Second, it pays to be confident and specific in setting up a meeting but you should still send signals she can have as much control over how and when as she wants.Anything that even hints of sexual expectation, misogyny, or pressure of any kind is a red flag.If you’re the kind of guy who does this, stop reading this article, get off the apps, and seek help.When I asked my office mate Paul for some ideas, he told me he once asked a girl the name of her first teddy bear and told her that he had a goat called Sammy. This one might be a bit of a cliché, but everyone likes to be told they look nice, don’t they?Paul suggests saying something along the lines of ‘Your picture is so lovely, I can’t believe that’s really you.

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