Musical updating of romeo juliet

The "improv show" part has 2 narrators: one in English and one in Italian.

As in an improv show, they involve the audience, and play off each other very well.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, a pair of star crossed lovers who take their life" (Universal, 1996).

Go with Michael Jackson's "Bad." Michael Jackson's "Beat It" would work well for when Romeo is banished.Some of them directly refer to Romeo and Juliet, while others relate more to the tragedy of family interference with romance and the undying connection between two lovers.The first that comes to mind is Indigo Girls' version of "Romeo and Juliet," mainly because the song is a roughly translated summary."Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars would be good too since it mentions not wanting the other person to change, and that is a big deal since Romeo and Juliet are willing to accept the other person being a Capulet or Montague. T" by him would be a great choice as well for illustrating how Romeo feels about Juliet.Using "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson would give everything a nice retro vibe. The opening fight scene could be accompanied by Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor." Continuing on with possible Michael Jackson songs, use "Heal the World" while the friar is considering the possibility that Romeo and Juliet's marriage will actually make things better..

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