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A high salary and a house are no longer at the top of their list, as the women themselves can afford a good lifestyle out of their own pocket.For them, the personality of their potential partner as well as their own happiness are becoming more significant.It is believed that by the year 2020, there will be 30 million more men than women in Chinese society.This lack of potential partners obviously puts young Chinese men in a very difficult position and has lead to the creation of the term “bare branch,” a branch without leaves and fruits, which is used to describe bachelors.The young Chinese women however prioritize their own happiness and success, so in order to counteract these old beliefs, they have created the term 女強人 (While many young women are getting married later and later, there is an additional problem that Chinese society is facing: the gender imbalance and the so-called “bare branches” (光棍 guāng​gùn), the single men.Because of the One Child Policy and the many sex-selective abortions that took place in the past, when sons were preferred to daughters, an extreme disproportion in the balance of genders developed in China.If their profile and the one they liked match, they can start a conversation.Besides the local users, many overseas Chinese and foreigners can be found on Tantan as well, which explains why it’s also available in English.

One of the most unique institutions of Shanghai is surely the marriage market in People’s Park (It’s so unique I went there despite the July heat! The parents, who often don’t have their children’s approval for the matchmaking, hang up advertisements on bulletin boards or pin profiles and descriptions to pastel colored umbrellas.

However, as the family lineage is crucial in China, it’s very important for the parents to see their daughter get married and give them grandchildren, especially if she is the only child of the family.

As such, seeing their daughter single worries Chinese parents very much and it becomes a hugely important task in their lives to find her a suitable partner and secure the family unit.

Can you imagine if your parents would do this with your CV?

In today’s modern world, young Chinese people are looking for partners on their own and do not approve of their parents’ matchmaking anymore.

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