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Unlike other chatbots, which pattern-match the entered phrase against a database of hard-coded responses, AIBuddy actually remembers the conversation, and can respond in context.Sales Exec helps salespeople by automating the complex sales follow up process. We are introducing the most popular, excellent candidate terms to be adopted by the industry and those synonyms which are really eye catching or controversial, and we will just list the remaining synonyms. As the leading business and research community in humanlike conversational artificial intelligence, we hope to increase understanding of this field, to provoke discussion and to initiate discussion on standardization of this huge list of different terms, some of them with slightly different implications but mostly genuine synonyms.

Which leads me to suggest that different terms should be applied to different business, technology or academic applications. Different business verticals will adopt their own naming convention, including e Learning which will have a few of it's own.

You just have to explain that it can be used to enhance the experience & brand instead of deteriorate it.

I like "brand agent" as a functional "brand character" as well though.

The power of these simple pictures should not be underestimated.

When it's a cheerful picture the person behind it must be nice...

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