Lifestyles dating and romance a study of midlife singles

While it’s important to go at your own pace, it’s equally important to be positive and forward thinking in your approach to mature dating online.We’ve all had negative experiences in our lives or been hurt at some stage, but it’s vital to not bring this into new relationships and connections – at least not right at the start!Mature dating is one of the fastest growing subsections of online dating and at Elite Singles we make it easier for you to meet compatible singles who are looking for long-term love and companionship.

Women were looking for partners with a great personality and a sense of humor, while men added the additional criteria of physical attractiveness and sexual satisfaction. But, as one woman pointed out, EVERYONE is lonely sometimes.

But for men there is an added sexual dimension: nearly a quarter of male respondents felt that the worst thing about being single was not being in a sexual relationship.

What was enormously encouraging was to see that most men and women in the study did not believe that they were dating because of the social pressure to have a partner, financial fears, self-doubt, or fear of being alone. In fact, there’s something to look forward to when you hit your fifties!

Best of all, retirement no longer has to mean boredom and loneliness.

If you’re still looking for that romantic spark with an amazing man, here’s a great video I’d love for you to see: == Video: How to Get a Great Guy Many 60 women are discovering that retirement is a chance to reinvent themselves and pursue dreams that had been laid by the wayside of family and career.

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Four out of five women polled even felt that becoming older had given them the freedom to be more themselves.

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