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Solid evidence of cranial reshaping at Houtaomuga goes back only about 6,000 years, Ni says. The extent of bone flattening on the 12,000-year-old Houtaomuga braincase exceeds any naturally occurring variations in skull shape, Wang argues.

A human skull discovered by workers at an underwater sand mine in northeastern China displays intentionally flattened bones at the front and back of the braincase, a team led by Ni reported January 26 at bio

While those individuals clearly had modified skulls, the oldest Houtaomuga skull displays a slightly elongated braincase that probably wasn’t intentionally modified, says paleoanthropologist Xijun Ni of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.In Woo Plus, connecting with anyone is comfortable and safe. I found a gentleman here who is really nice and definitely my type.Thank you for helping me find a gorgeous girl here!! It was love at first sight, and he proposed to me six weeks later.Before joining Nesta she worked as a Programme Manager on the International Citizen Service programme at Y Care International where she was responsible for designing, implementing and managing a variety of international volunteering projects in partnership with YMCAs in West Africa and Bangladesh.Outside of work Kate enjoys playing netball, being part of a book group, and escaping the city on weekends to the countryside!

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